About the Artist

Sheri KleinMy glass artwork is modern in design, often whimiscal, and typically employs bold geometric shapes. It is often asymetrical, but balanced in terms of color and form. I like art that could conceivably - if not practially - have a function.

Growing up, my favorite subjects were art and math. I took classes in art throughout high school and college as I earned degrees in math, psychology and computer science. This penchant for left-brain activity is clearly reflected in my artistic design.

I start every piece of artwork by laying out scraps of glass in various colors, exchanging one for another, until I find a color combination that speaks to my mood. I seldom have a detailed plan of what I'm creating before I start. I cut glass pieces, then add, remove and rearrange them until I have created a piece with a satisfying juxtaposition of colors and shapes. I know I'm done with a design when it makes me smile. This process of creating artwork is the most satisfying thing I can imagine.

Description of Work

Sheri KleinI create art using glass fusion. This process is sometimes referred to as kiln-fired or "warm glass", and is an entirely different process than blown or "hot glass". I cut colored sheets of glass into shapes, layer them, and fire in a kiln. At about 1500 degrees the layers of glass melt together to form a smooth flat piece. Forty degrees cooler, and it will result in artwork that retains some of the texture of the original layering. One hundred degrees warmer, and the glass will drip through a stainless steel screen like honey. To make a three-dimensional piece, I fire the glass again at a much lower temperature to "slump" or drape over a mold.

Some techniques I use include melting different colors of glass through a stainless steel screen to achieve a unqiue, swirled look, weaving strips of glass, and fusing strips of glass on edge. I use a drill press with a hollow-core, diamond-coated drill bit to drill holes for clock works, and a tile saw to trim fused pieces of glass to form components of a larger piece.